2018 Exhibition

2018 ended with a huge exhibition of Kenneth Webb at the RDS.  As well the exhibition saw the launching of the Kenneth Webb Foundation which will carry on with preserving Kenneth’s legacy into the future.  Kenneth Webb turned 92 on the 21st of January 2019. The Kenneth Webb Foundation in association with Gladwell & Patterson, London hosted the most ambitious and successful exhibition of Kenneth’s Paintings December 13th – 18th 2018 in the RDS in Dublin.  The exhibition, Kenneth Webb and the Tec-Tank was a fusion of Art and Technology as Kenneth worked with his Grandson Donovan, to create the experience.  Over the 5 days they hosted over 1000 guests to 170 extraordinary paintings which traveled from China, New York, Florida, London and all over Ireland.

It was not a retrospective exhibition, although many paintings were from the late 50’s.  It was to celebrate his achievements now and then with 12 new huge masterpieces that Kenneth painted in 2018 while being videoed by Donovan.  The videos were displayed next to the paintings showing a glimpse of a truly great artist of 92, during the creation process.  A remarkable experience.  Guests came smiling and left with even bigger smiles.