Kenneth Webb, ATD (Hons), RWA, FRSA.
Internationally known artist Kenneth Webb is represented in Ireland by the Kenny Gallery, Galway and in the U.K. by Gladwell & Patterson’s, Knightsbridge, London
In 1953 he was appointed Head of the Painting School, Ulster College of Art. In 1957 he founded the Irish School of Landscape Painting and has since lectured for Queen’s University Belfast, and in the Tate Gallery, and National Gallery, London.
Publications include “Kenneth Webb” (1974) Shenval Press, London, and “Webb, a Profile” by Thomas Kenny (1990). An inspiring teacher, many of his past pupils are members of professional bodies, RHA, RUA, etc.. He now spends less time teaching and is a visiting Tutor at the Irish School of Landscape Painting.

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Susan Webb, DA.

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Born in Newtownards, Co. Down, 1962, daughter of well known artists Kenneth Webb and Joan Webb. Exhibited with a group of Irish artists in the Mall Galleries, London, 1978. She now exhibits at the James Gallery, Dalkey and Dublin; and the Kenny Gallery, Galway. She is involved with the Equestrian Society of Artists, won the prestigious “Spirit of Galway” award for one of her fine equestrian paintings, and has shown with the Oireachtas, the Society of Women Artists, and runs solo exhibitions in Ireland and the U.K.
Susan has contributed to an Arts Council sponsored tour of America. She now runs the Irish School of Landscape Painting, started by her father 40 years ago. She is an excellent teacher, sharing valuable expertise in many disciplines, with her students. A skill that was invaluable during her work with the Watercolour Challenge programme shown on Channel 4 during 1999.