Susan Webb

Born in Newtownards, Co. Down, 1962, daughter of well known artists Kenneth Webb and Joan Webb. Exhibited with a group of Irish artists in the Mall Galleries, London, 1978. She now exhibits at the the Kenny Gallery, Galway and Gladwell & Patterson, London. She is involved with the Equestrian Society of Artists, won the prestigious “Spirit of Galway” award for one of her fine equestrian paintings, and has shown with the Oireachtas, the Society of Women Artists, and runs solo exhibitions in Ireland and the U.K.

Susan has contributed to an Arts Council sponsored tour of America. She now runs the Irish School of Landscape Painting, started by her father 40 years ago. She is an excellent teacher, sharing valuable expertise in many disciplines, with her students. A skill that was invaluable during her work with the Watercolour Challenge programme shown on Channel 4 during 1999.

Current events have changed things at the Irish School of Landscape Painting and now Susan does a Livestream every Tuesday, teaching students from around the world who want more out of their painting.  A professional Artist and Teacher who teaches beginners through to professionals, can give you better insight, tips and advice than just whomever is available.  Now with Live streaming, Susan can be available to you, even if you are on another continent. If your not in the same time zone and are not an early riser (like some of our students), you might have to subscribe and watch the recorded livestreams. You can still send in your picture for next week’s review and have it critiqued by Susan in a helpful and constructive way..

Susan painting at beautiful Mount Usher, capturing the magnificent Autumn colours during our Free Mount Usher Painting Livestream.  Susan is so animated as soon as she holds a brush and paints.  Even posing for a photo for Thomas Honan (which ran in the Irish Times), she doesn’t waste any time and  puts a few touches in.  The smile is a natural result of what she enjoys, painting, and she passes on that enthusiasm to her students.  The Mount Usher Livestream is FREE so please do watch, and if you are enthused, do sign up for our regular weekly livestream.  As Susan says, “Anyone can paint!”.

Susan still has time to paint and the Livestream has enhanced her painting giving space for new ideas to develop.  Like many of the masters of the past, the study of earlier artists is a big part of developing one’s style.  Even a professional Artist like Susan can still learn and develop.  Both student and tutor benefit.

Mt. Usher Gardens - 07/11/20 Photo by Thomas Honan